Who is it for?
Guide the customer experience to develop reservations, orders and
online purchases or to promote the use of paid content. Generate
real-time offers based on detailed customer profiles, transmit key information
at the right time for an ongoing transaction and discover the reasons
why a transaction was abandoned to optimize the purchase funnel.

Livelntercept gives you numerical data to optimize your
marketing and sales operations.
Traffic acquisition
Identify traffic sources that send high-quality visitors with
substantial purchasing potential to your website

Conversion funnel
Measure visitor satisfaction and detect obstacles. Accompany
the customer throughout the purchasing process with reassuring
messages. Suggest a questionnaire to discover why a transaction
was abandoned

Upselling, cross-selling, multichannel sales
Increase your sales with real-time promotions and targeting
according to the visitor's profile or path.
Acquisition de traffic
Optimisation du tunnel de conversion
Upselling, cross selling, multicanal
Digital marketing & communication
Measure the perception of your institutional site or product, your brand image and the role of your site in the marketing mix, and evaluate your communication campaigns. Observe the behavior of visitors to anticipate their expectations,
let them tell you how to improve your site, propose personalized content
and optimize interactions to build loyalty.

Livelntercept helps you improve your marketing through
customer knowledge
Qualify your visitors
Use a contact form to help recover data directly in your CRM system

Traffic acquisition
Measure acquisition and referencing campaign effectiveness

Optimisez l'expérience utilisateur
Use navigation feedback from visitors to improve your site's ergonomics and content
Qualification des visiteurs avec LiveIntercept
Acquisition de trafic
Expéreince utilisateur
Web agency
Add value to your strategic recommendations on ways to improve conversion and how you provide personalization based on visitor behavior.
Rely on statistical indicators
from the dashboard and from questionnaire answers to make recommendations

Post-teste marketing campaigns
you created for your clients: image/price and marketing mix

Confiez des missions de test
de site Internet, même complexes, aux clients d'un site
en version bêta
Recommandations web avec LiveInterept
Post-tests communication avec LiveIntercept
Missions de test avec LiveIntercept
Market research company
Livelntercept opens a whole new field of digital marketing studies with, as a first perspective, the link between declarative and behavioral data. You can target a precise group of visitors or a panel with the aim of proposing a questionnaire on the site in real time.
User satisfaction
immediate impression according to the website path

Impact of advertising campaigns
on brand recogintion

Continuous multi-site behavior tracking
tracking of navigation on several sites to analyze
audience duplication
Satisfaction utilisateurs
Mesure d'impact de camapgne publicitaire
Suivi comportemental sur sit web
Go from analysis to action