Improve conversion and user experience with website questionnaires

Témoignage client LiveIntercpet
Conversion occurs when targeted visitors arriving on a site find the offer they're looking for.
Témoignage client LiveIntercpet
So, if you want to increase your conversion rate, you must thoroughly understand who your target audience is,
what it wants, what is important to it and what the sources of friction are.
Website survey triggering

Most visitors do not place an order. What can you do to increase the number of buyers? Real-time questionnaires on your website will help you understand purchasing pain points, reduce shopping cart abandonment and give you the information you need to improve the user experience and boost the conversion rate. The questionnaire can be triggered during the visit or when the visitor leaves the site. For this reason,

There are two types of questionnaires
for querying website visitor
Questionnaire sur site web : survey triggering
Augmenter la conversion avec un questionnaire sur site
déclencher un questionnaire sur site web

On-page survey

Exit survey
A pop-up questionnaire appears on the screen as the visitor leaves the site.
A questionnaire is proposed to visitors as they browse through the site.
Open questions

For querying website visitors and users, open questions are probably the most pertinent. Visitors can note their perception of the brand and their user experience on the site in an open-ended way.

If you want to learn the hidden reasons behind the traffic analysis statistics supplied by web analytics, avoid suggesting the answers to multiple-choice questions. Previous assumptions may alter results.

The questionnaire should be short to be effective and stimulate responses. Don't forget that visitors come to your site for a specific reason and that you are asking them to divert their attention to a different task.
What questions should you ask?

Questions for first-time visitors to your site
  • Who are these visitors: How do they identify themselves? This will be useful for defining their profile and optimizing your acquisition campaigns.
  • Purpose: Why did they come? What issue are they trying to solve or what need is driving their visit?
  • Purchasing process: What is important to them in choosing a product? What comparisons have they made? How many other sites did they visit? What were these sites?
  • Friction: What doubts and hesitations did they run into before deciding to purchase?
To fully understand your first-time visitors, organize your questions around four themes.
Questions to improve conversion
Product page, purchase funnel, registration: these are the pages where you want the visitor to carry out a precise action.
First of all, decide which action visitors should do on the page, and then ask what would prevent them from doing this.
  • Product page: Why didn't you put this product in the shopping cart?
  • Purchase funnel: What's keeping you from creating an account?
  • Shopping cart abandonment: Why didn't you finalize your order?
Questions to ask new customers
Dr. Karl Blanks of Conversion Rate Experts suggests two golden questions for customers who have just purchased something or created an account.
  • What determinant element that would have discouraged you from buying?
  • What is your greatest concern about using our site?
Questions to optimize the user experience
Your site evolves and is enriched daily. You put new products online, create new functionalities or modify a product file. You need constant feedback on the user experience.
  • Was there something you couldn't find on this page?
  • To convince you to buy, what should we add to this page?
Questions for serach engine optimization
You have implemented a SEO strategy that will enable search engines to find our site in the best possible way. However, to expand the scope of your keywords, ask your visitors two simple but very useful questions while they are still on your site.
  • What did you enter in the search engine window to find us?
  • What terms do you use to look for services and products like ours?
Improve your website with real time surveys