Get visitor feedback
on your web site easily with LiveIntercept
Let the visitors have their say to improve your website
Feedback on website client logos
How does it work?
Get visitor feedback
Display is automatically triggered according to predefined rules.
Analyse results
Esay statistics to analyze results: pathway and questionnaire response data.
Create the campaign
Choose targets, pages to be tagged, pathways to follow and messages to display.
For whom?
Digital marketing
Improve user experience and optimize your ad campaigns.
Find frictions and the reasons why a shopping cart was abandoned.
Market researchers
Use behavior based survey triggering for websites.
Web agencies
Pre-test functionalities and web sites by analyzing user feedback.

The goal is to improve your site and applications based on visitor feedback.
Customer loyalty
  • Ask visitors about their intentions
  • Measure traffic quality for each acquisition campaign
  • Improve user experience
  • Prevent shopping cart abandonment
  • Detect frictions
  • Generate leads
  • Sell more thanks to better customer knowledge
  • Get ideas to go beyond your competitors
What our clients say

We were looking for a way to easily track our website visitors and detect their offline purchasing intentions using a questionnaire triggered under certain conditions. This project enabled us to discover that 53% of visitors intend to go to a travel agency and that 50% are not yet customers. We are planning on other ways to improve our campaigns with this very flexible and powerful tool!

Audrey Eymard
e-Commerce Director - Havas Voyages
The 5 strengths of LiveIntercept
Intervenes in real time at the key browsing steps with finely honed targeting.
Simple & Flexible
Fast implementation: only one tag per page is enough; connects to web analytics tools.
Intercepts visitors on all types of terminals in all languages.
Your campaigns perfectly reflect the look and feel of your web site.
Won't slow your site: scalable and secure.
Get website visitor feedback