Case Study identified purchasing pain points
Conversion rate and purchase funnel optimization
Fnac optimiser le taux de transformation
To increase the conversion rate on the site, company marketers
took a closer look at the reasons for non-
purchase and shopping cart abandonment.

On the one hand, the
team wanted to know why shoppers are leaving
the site without a purchase or abandoning
a purchase.

On the other, they wanted to measure user
experience and ask for visitors' feedback and
find out how their experience had been online.
To optimize the online purchase funnel,
there is nothing better than getting
real time feedback from website visitors
with intercepts.

Two different questionnaires were
created according to targets. Survey
triggering was based on the visitor's pathway.

Tracking and interception of targeted
site visitors allowed collecting contextualized real-time information.
Using data from the questionnaires, the team was able to understand the issues that visitors brought to light with their immediate reactions. In this way, identified and decreased purchasing friction.

To increase the conversion rate and improve user experience, an action plan was implemented that focused on purchase funnel ergonomics and making it easy for visitors to find the content they're looking for. testimonial

Our tool for choosing a seat in a theater or concert hall was underused for a long time.
Now, we are careful about the design of this key area and have optimized it
to lead to an order as naturally as possible.
More about the campaign
questionnaire sur site internet
Shopping cart abandonment: The visitor puts an item in the shopping cart. The questionnaire is triggered if the potential buyer does not validate the shopping cart within twenty minutes (after this period of time, the shopping cart will automatically empty). The questionnaire is also triggered if the buyer leaves the site.

A satisfactory user experience: The visitor does not put an item in the shopping cart. The questionnaire is triggered after three minutes of inactivity or if the visitor leaves the site. Because of a large volume of traffic, only 20% of visitors were shown a questionnaire.
Increase your conversion rate with LiveIntercept : Traffic acquisition
Measure offline impact of online campaigns in multi-channel distribution
traffic acquisition survey
More about the campaign
  • Identification of visit origin
  • Visitor segmentation: first-time / regular
  • Recording of visitor's device type
  • Recording of the entire visitor pathway
  • Application of a part of votes
  • Definition of when to intercept
  • Display of an invitation message followed by a questionnaire
Havas Voyages testimonial

We wanted an easy way to track our site visitors and ascertain their offline purchasing intentions through a questionnaire that would be triggered under certain conditions. This project led to the discovery that 53% of visitors intended to visit a travel agency and that 50% were not yet customers. We plan on making other measurements to improve our campaigns with this very flexible and powerful tool!
Ouest France: User experience
Measure user satisfaction of the new website's beta version
For the 15 days of the campaign, 800 regular readers and panelists shared their impressions of the new site.

These comments were analyzed and structural changes were made to the beta version before publishing the site, which turned out to be a real success in terms of reader satisfaction and audience.
Invite newsletter subscribers and members of the Ouest France panel to have a look at and use the beta version of the new website.

Intercept them with an open-question questionnaire to encourage spontaneous feedback on overall perception of the site and the key elements to optimize before the final version.
User satisfaction :
Perception of a new website

Improve the website and see how well users understand and experience it.
Let Ouest France readers give their opinion on the beta version of the new site.
How does it work ?
  • Record visitor's device type
  • Record the entire visitor pathway
  • Display an invintation message followed by a questionnaire

Test all the functionalities of your website with LiveIntercept
Chronodrive : Usability testing
Increase sales with a better user experience
The results of this study led to postponing publication of the new site in order to make major changes.

Through this system, Chronodrive made qualitative measurements and obtain very detailed results on very precise functionalities.
Quantitative measurements (passive measurements), such as time spent on a mission and mission success or failure, brought additional information on how easy it was to use the new site.
Help testers carry out their missions, which they could interrupt and start again, by displaying help and reminder messages.

Streamline the site to make it more efficient without upsetting customers who were used to the precedent version.
Test user experience on the site to obtain feedback before updating it.
Carry out test missions in close collaboration with the agency in charge of developing the site.
We implemented a chain of sequences. Testers were asked to connect to the site and carry out several missions: create an account, find an item in different ways (search engine, by section), put it in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Ask employees and customers to carry out a series of tasks.
Help testers carry out their missions, which they could interrupt and start again, by displaying help and reminder messages.
Ask users to evaluate each test step.
The usability test task scenario
  • Test mission in six cascading sequences
  • Sequences were made of tasks in successive steps
  • Steps were presented to testers using notification displays
  • Help messages were displayed if execution took too long
  • Evaluation questionnaire at the end of the sequences
  • Tracking of navigation and clicks
  • Use of page elements to capture the action carried out
Chronodrive testimonial

The entire Chronodrive team spent many months reworking our site, which is highly strategic for us. We were no longer able to step back from the project. Therefore, the first result was to be able to step back and identify concerns and ways to improve in terms of ergonomics. And that's exactly what happened!
Bourbon : Website redesign made easier
Gather feeback from four online visitor profiles
On the basis of 550 questionnaires answered, specifications were broadened and the new website took shape very quickly.

The domain name was changed and ergonomic issues were identified.
Evaluating the pertinence of information proposed to each target enabled adapting and reorganizing contents.
Take into account visitors' opinions in drawing up specifications for the new website.

Before reworking the site, implement a satisfaction survey for four visitor populations: customers, candidates, investors and media.
After a visitor spends 30 seconds on a page, trigger a questionnaire by target (which is determined according to sections visited).

A separate questionnaire for each of the four visitor profiles.
Management of French and English versions.
How did it work
  • Visitor segmentation according to language
  • Segmentation by sections visited
  • Triggering of a questionnaire according to profile