How does it work?
Your campaign in 3 steps
Trigger marketing camapaign in 3 steps
Marquage du site Lancement et suivi
Création de campagne
Site tagging
Campaign creation
Launch and tracking
Creation of scenario Deliver the right message at the right time to the right person. Configure rules with the editor to define:
What? type of action to trigger
Who? connection origin, visitor's
equipment, time slot
When? number of visits, total session length, pages viewed
Media : sites where the campaign runs

Personalization Full adherence to the site's
look and feel. When designing visual elements,
you are free to choose format (pop-in, pop-up,
tab), colors, size, font, text layout, message
and language(s).

Tests and validation The platform workflow
includes versioning and the validation steps
for the development, pre-production and
production environments.
Site preparation Just attach a few lines
of code to the pages to be followed.
The code can remain in place on the site
even when no campaign is active. LiveIntercept is compatible with the main
tag management tools.

Power and security LiveIntercept does not slow page loading. It is transparent
for the site and operates in asynchronous mode. Since server architecture is scalable,
it guarantees full availability of services a
high level of security and top performance.
Universal LiveIntercept works on PC,
MAC, tablet, smartphone, connected TV
and game consoles, adapts to all
browsers and recognizes the visitor's

Indicator tracking and ajustment
In your account, you have a dashboard
to follow campaign performance. Being
able to modify and put campaigns on hold
at any time guarantees you perfect control.

Restitution Choose the data you want to
export for making an in-depth analysis,
such as path and profile data or answers
to questions.
Tag management
LiveIntercept offers
many ways of interacting
Click on the message type to have a look at it and explanation

Invite visitors to answer a questionnaire, tell them about
a special offer or give them advice.
  • Display a notification
  • Open a new window
  • Redirect to a URL
  • Display an information tab
  • Modify page content
  • Display a fill-in form
And also
  • Send an email 
  • Execute an API  
  • Attribute a unique ID to each visitor
  • Feed a detailed event diary with complete path of the tagged population
Discover a host of other actions...just ask us!
Precise targeting

LiveIntercept proposes hundreds of criteria that can be combined for precise targeting of the profiles you're looking for.
Real-time segmentation is based on behavioral information that is collected during site browsing
and can be completed with CRM data.
Ciblage précis avec LiveIntercept
Ciblage : Origine de la visite
Visitor origine
Country, language, IP address, first visit or regular
customer, direct access of via search engine.

Visitor equipement
Device (PC, tablet, smartphone or other),
screen size, browser version.

Visit time slot
Visit date and time. Possibility of choosing
a reference time zone.

Browsing data
Number of visits and length of visit for the current
session or all sessions; pages or sections visited
from Google Analytics and AT Internet markers.

All page element
Form data, information displayed on the page,
cookie value, JavaScript variable or response
to a JavaScript function.

Value retoured by an API 
Personalized information recovered from
a customer database, a weather service
or geolocation.
Ciblage : Equipement du visiteur
Ciblage : Créneau horaire de la visite
Ciblage : Données de naviagtaion
Ciblage selon les éléments de la page
Ciblage à l'aide des valeurs API
Total security
LiveIntercept is built on a robust and sophisticated architecture.
Total security LiveIntercept
Each server is redundant. Architecture is scalable and automatically adapts
to needs in terms of resources.

LiveIntercept meets your requirements for implementing online services
on your websites:
  • Management of the pre-production and production environments
  • Possibility of immediately interrupting an on-going campaign without having to call on your IT teams
  • Real time tracking of indicators

Drive customer exeprience