the right person
with the right message
in the right format
at the right time
LiveIntercept is a real-time platform for studies
and behavioral marketing.

The tool sorts visitors into categories and then
displays a message, a questionnaire, a special offer,
a test or many other possible interactions.
Personalizing the customer experience
Let customers have their say
to increase their involvement and
find out how to meet their expectations
Client survey
Adapt content, offers
and recommendations
on the basis of observations
and real time feedback
Create personalized and
interactive experiences
Personalized customer experience with LiveIntercept Personalised website content with LiveIntercept
Personalized customer experience
Optimize interactions
to build loyalty
Improve website performances
based on relevant information
and customer answers
Interaction witha website visitor
Website performances improved with LiveIntercept
Tracking ties each visitor to a traffic source.
Next, a short questionnaire enables explaining
the difference in transformation rates
among the various acquisition drivers.
Lead generation
The implementation of prospect contact forms automatically enriches your CRM with data
on profiles and behavioral information.
Traffic acquisition Leads Generation
A smart contact form displays automatically
if the visitor has browsed on more than four
product pages on the site.
Source B generates visitors who fill their shopping carts at a lower rate than visitors from Source A:
answers to the questionnaires show that this
is tied to their lower average age.
Livelntercept follows visitor behavior in real time
and displays aids at key points to encourage
transformation with a reassuring message,
a special offer, additional information, etc.
Through a link to your CRM system, all your
customers are identified: profile information
is used in real time to suggest personalized contents.
Better transformation rate Retargeting
If visitors return a second time without going
through the sales module the first time,
a message prompts them with a flash offer
for a limited time only.
From the moment your customers access
their personal account, they are shown a special
offer tied to their profile or consumer habits.
Client knowledge
A supply of new segmentation variables from
the CRM will help qualify your customers.
Data provided by a questionnaire will be
completed with behavioral data observed
during the customer's visit.
Tracking of data such as origin, equipment,
place of connection and source of traffic enables
you to measure the impact of your Web traffic
on your brick and mortar distribution network.
Client knowledge Cross-channel
Every five visits, your customers receive
a new questionnaire to qualify them over time with
new criteria that will be used for your marketing actions.
Propose a simple questionnaire at the end
of a visit to ascertain intentions to visit the store.
Marketing studies
The implementation of a dedicated customer panel coupled with behavioral tracking on your site lets you develop a complete customer knowledge program.
Label your panel members and then identify them each time they connect to your site.

3 sources feed your panel database daily :
CRM: sociodemographic information + segmentation + purchasing history
Questionnaires: regular responses upon request
Website: path data
Question your visitors in real time to understand
reasons, motivations and obstacles encountered
during navigation and to identify ways to improve operation.
Client satisfaction Marketing studies
A questionnaire enables understanding why
visitors spend more than one minute on
a given page: did they take so long because
the page was too complicated or did they find
that the contents were varied and interesting?
You see that women with high basket size
in your customer panel come back less and less
to your site. You send them a questionnaire
to understand the reasons.
Real time marketing tool applications
And much more...
You can discover many other ways to improve
the customer experience and the performance
of your website with behavioral tracking.
Engage the right person with the right message